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GAMMA at World ATM Congress 2017

GAMMA was very prominent at the World ATM Congress 2017 organizing a Seminar in which the work and results of the GAMMA project were presented to an audience with a specific interest in ATM. The presence of GAMMA during WAC 2017 was further enhanced through the separate dissemination actions carried out by those consortium partners […]

GAMMA presented at the German Aerospace Conference 2016

DLR, partner of GAMMA project, presented a paper at the German Aerospace Conference (DLRK) in Braunschweig (Germany) on September, 14th 2016. The presentation and the paper describe the GAMMA project briefly, while the preparations for the security prototype validations are described in detail. The documents present first ideas to establish a security prototype validation methodology. […]

GAMMA first validations outcomes presented at the DASC in Sacramento

Tim Stelkens-Kobsch from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), partner of GAMMA project, presented a paper at the 35th Digital Avionics System Conference (DASC) in Sacramento (USA) on September, 29th 2016. The presentation and the paper gives an overview of the GAMMA project and discusses the first outcomes of the validations of the ATM security prototype […]

GAMMA at the ARES conference 2016

The GAMMA project was very well represented this year at the International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (“ARES”) which was held between August 31 and September 2, 2016 in Salzburg, Austria. The ARES  conference aims at a full and detailed discussion of the research issues of security as an  integrative concept that covers, amongst other aspects, availability, safety, confidentiality, integrity, maintainability […]

3rd edition of GAMMA newsletter is online

The third edition of the GAMMA newsletter is now online highlighting some ongoing developments within the GAMMA project as well as providing a flavour of what to expect in the coming months. This edition of the newsletter opens with an article on the Integrated Modular Communication (IMC) prototype, which is one of the prototypes forming […]

Colloquium on ATM security at DLR

On the 25th and 26th of August, DLR (a partner in GAMMA Project) organised a colloquium on ATM security, aiming to discuss and identify various current and potential security threats to ATM. GAMMA project was well represented at this event with presentations from THALES UK Limited and Lancaster University. Both presentations were accepted with great […]

GAMMA demo presented to the Dutch Ministry of Defence

During the NIDV regional day Eindhoven on April 15th 2016 the new Director of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) got acquainted with NIDV SME members (link). During this day 42 Solutions (Partner of GAMMA) gave a demonstration to DMO of the Dutch Ministry of Defence of the capabilities of the GAMMA Security Management Platform IDS […]

GAMMA presented at the 2016 EUROCAE Symposium

The GAMMA project was presented at the EUROCAE 2016 Symposium which was held in Vienna on 28 and 29 April 2016. Claudio Porretti from LEONARDO-FINMECCANICA gave a presentation focussing on the GAMMA concept and its instantiation through the Security Management Platform. The 2016 Symposium was held in a distinctive format from previous editions, focussing not […]

GAMMA presented at NEASCOG Cyber Security Seminar

A presentation on the GAMMA Security Management Platform was given by Claudio Porretti from LEONARDO-FINMECCANICA at the Cyber Security Seminar organised by the NATO/EUROCONTROL ATM Security Coordinating Group (NEASCOG) on 9 and 10 June 2016. The seminar was intended to provide an overview of current activities, future plans and main concerns across aviation stakeholders and […]

GAMMA takes part in the ECOSSIAN Project meeting with Advisory Board.

On the 12th of May GAMMA joined the ECOSSIAN FP7 project in a dedicated meeting with their Advisory board. GAMMA and ECOSSIAN have joined forces in the recognition that both projects have come up with remarkably similar proposals for tacking the challenges of security at a European Level. While the objective of GAMMA is to […]

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