GAMMA at the ARES conference 2016

GAMMA at the ARES conference 2016

The GAMMA project was very well represented this year at the International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (“ARES”) which was held between August 31 and September 2, 2016 in Salzburg, Austria.
The ARES  conference aims at a full and detailed discussion of the research issues of security as an  integrative concept that covers, amongst other aspects, availability, safety, confidentiality, integrity, maintainability and security in the different fields of applications. This edition of the ARES emphasized the interplay between foundations and practical issues of security in emerging areas such as e-government, m-government, location-based applications, ubiquitous computing, autonomous computing, etc. ARES is devoted to the critical examination and research challenges of the various aspects of Secure and Dependable Computing and the definition of a future road map.
In this years’ ARES conference GAMMA prepared three separate papers which were presented to a specialized audience in the SecATM 2016 session of the conference which focused on security within the ATM domain.

The three GAMMA papers are listed below and will be published in special issues of international journals:

  • Addressing Security in the ATM Environment. Patrizia Montefusco (LEONARDO, Italy), Rosana Casar Rodriguez (ISDEFE, Spain), Tim H. Stelkens-Kobsch (DLR, Germany), Rainer Koelle (University of Lancaster, United Kingdom)
  • Security Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment for Integrated Modular Communication. Hamid Asgari, Sarah Haines, Adrian Waller (Thales UK, United Kingdom)
  • A New Vision for ATM Security Management – The Security Management Platform. Claudio Porretti (LEONARDO, Italy), Raoul Lahaije (42Solutions, Netherlands), Denis Kolev (University of Lancaster, UK)

The three papers are available for download at the following link >>