GAMMA Workshop in Rome

GAMMA Workshop in Rome

On 6th July 2017 a workshop was organized in Rome, following the completion of the latest integrated validation exercise aimed at demonstrating how GAMMA handles uncoordinated attacks within the same country.

The exercise scenario involved a hijacking event in which the SATCOM communication was deliberately disconnected in an area out of civil radar coverage, while satellite navigation was jammed in a separate unconnected incident. The scenario also included new civil military cooperation principles and innovative ideas aimed at complementing the surveillance information displayed to the controller with contributions sent by the military. The exercise held on 23rd June was implemented by setting up a distributed platform interconnecting prototypes and validation assets (including deployed real assets) developed by Airbus DS, Leonardo, Thales Avionics, Thales Alenia Space and 42 Solutions, while DLR provided the overall view of the exercise and was observed by a representative of French Air Force.

The workshop was attended by experts and stakeholders mainly representing the military domain, in view of the significance of the scenario for civil military coordination.

Stakeholders and experts involved in the exercise and in the workshop recognized that the GAMMA concept implemented in the scenario enables an early reaction by the military to hijacking events, saving valuable time for activating the scrambling of fighters.