GAMMA First User Workshop

GAMMA First User Workshop

The first GAMMA User Workshop was organized in Rome, Selex ES premises, on 30th October 2014. The meeting provided the opportunity to meet stakeholders and present the work carried out within GAMMA in the first year of the Project. The workshop was organized with the specific aim of collecting feedback from users, allowing the Project to enrich and complete the work on requirements (both operational and technical) and collection of operational processes. The timing of the workshop was set to ensure that feedback collected by stakeholders could be implemented in the documents being prepared by GAMMA (WP4 deliverables).

The workshop attracted 13 participants representing the ATM community in Europe and was conducted through the use of a Creativity Lab (made available by Airbus DS) based on traditional methods alternating brainstorming, convergence and assessment phases that were supported by a system composed of participant laptops and a facilitator laptop linked within a local network. 

This workshop provided an important basis for establishing a close collaboration between the GAMMA partners and stakeholders with an interest in ATM security.

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