First integrated validation workshop

First integrated validation workshop

On 4th May 2017 a geo-distributed validation workshop was organized to coincide with the execution of the first integrated validation exercise in the GAMMA project. This demonstration follows the stand alone validations which were conducted at the end of 2016 involving the separate prototypes in their own environment.

The demonstration and associated workshops were focused on the ability of GAMMA prototypes to identify a correlated attack on two separate countries in Europe. More specifically, the scenario involved:

  • Two coordinated attacks applying the same methods in two different European countries;

  • One fully independent, uncoordinated attack of a passenger on board a commercial airplane who is trying to get access to important cockpit systems, such as the electronic flight bag

The demonstration, which applied the GAMMA Conops in the specific case of coordinated attacks, was intended as the starting point for a wider discussion with a group of experts of the relevance of the Concept, including the layered approach to managing security in Europe, and how it could be applied in the real world. Discussions were therefore centered around concepts of information sharing, sanitization, automation, decision making processes and countermeasures.
The demonstration involved the following GAMMA Partners: DLR (coordinator of the exercise and hosting a parallel workshop in DLR Braunschweig), Leonardo (hosting the Chieti workshop), Airbus DS CYB, Thales UK, 42Solutions and BRTE.

Some short extracts of comments taken during the workshop are reported below.